Nina Keusgen


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NRW-Schwerpunktprofessur Biohybrid and Medical Textiles


Building: CBMS

Room: 003

Forckenbeckstr. 55

52074 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 47413

Nina Keusgen studied biology at the TU Darmstadt and the RWTH Aachen University (Dipl.-Biol. 2006). Afterwards she worked at the DWI for Interactive Materials e.V. as a research associate on the antimicrobial finishing of textiles with Ag nanoparticles and ZnO nanoparticles. In addition, she has also worked on antimicrobial microgels ( polymer and chitosan based).

Since 2012 she has taken over the Science Managment, as the head of the office,of the i³tm (a measure from the 2nd Excellence Initiative at RWTH). In the context of the two main research areas ForsATeM and Biohybrid Lung, she has accompanied and co-applied for several DFG collaborative projects.

Since 2018, she has taken over the coordination of the GRK 2375 Tumor-targeted Drug Delivery and supports our institute in the context of science management.


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