Alexey Sorokin

M. Sc.
Alexey Sorokin Copyright: © Laiyin Yin
Lehrstuhl für Experimentelle Molekulare Bildgebung


Building: CBMS

Forckenbeckstraße 55

52074 Aachen


Alexey Sorokin (Diploma in Physics from Lomonosov MSU) works on accurate and efficient modelling of diffuse optical tomography data to better understand and improve fluorescence tomography reconstruction methods. To solve Boltzmann equation he is using Monte Carlo method. And to speed it up he is using C++ according with GPU computaion using CUDA as an accelerator. To decrease convergensy time he is applying different methods as Adaptive Weight Windows. Additionally, he is working on Algebraic Multrigrid to solve Bolzman equation using SP1 and SP3 models.