Center for Biohybrid Medical Systems - CBMS


CBMS Facts

Start of construction: 2015

Occupation by ExMI: 12/2018

Total area: 5,600 m²


The aim of the CBMS is to combine technical and biological components into so-called biohybrid medical systems, and to produce and process these systems.

Insights into molecular mechanisms have led to a paradigm shift in modern medicine. Where purely synthetic implants such as heart valves and vascular prostheses or therapeutic agents were used in the past, it is now possible to direct the body's response more specifically and in a more natural way. Functionality and tolerability of implants and pharmaceuticals can thus be improved.

Work at CBMS is focusing on biohybrid implants of the cardiovascular system and support systems of the lung as well as diagnostic and therapeutic nano-agents for personalized therapy of tumors and inflammatory diseases.

For this to succeed, the production process must be considered from the outset. Not only new devices, but also new "engineering" in the early research phase is necessary to turn the vision into an effective clinical procedure as quickly as possible.

New building offers enormous oppotunity

The Center for Biohybrid Medical Systems with its new building offers outstanding opportunities for this: Its transparency stimulates the exchange and cooperation of scientists from a wide range of disciplines.

In specially designed systems laboratory areas, components are assembled into initial production units to demonstrate and ensure the feasibility of complex medical systems as they are being developed.

These biohybrid medical systems are researched and developed on the three research floors of the CBMS:

  • Biohybrid nanoparticles for diagnostics and tumor therapy.
  • Biohybrid implants for the cardiovascular system, for example heart valves, blood vessels and vascular supports
  • Lung support systems that are biocompatible and stable over time