Imaging Probes


We are developing and testing multiple different types of functional and molecular imaging agents for precision medicine applications. These include picometer-sized dyes and small molecules, such BODIPY- and porphyrin--based organic fluorophores for optical and photoacoustic imaging, as well as targeted contrast agents for optical and magnetic resonance imaging of fibrosis. In addition, iron oxide nanoparticle formulations are being synthesized and refined for magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic particle imaging and magnetic fluid hyperthermia applications. Another important focus of our work is on the manufacturing of multifunctional polymeric microbubbles, which can be actively targeted to activated endothelium, and which can be engineered to enable multimodality imaging. Besides this, we strongly collaborate with our partners in the CBMS on imaging of biohybrid medical systems, such as biohybrid vascular scaffolds and heart valves, and develop imaging agents and concepts to monitor their in vitro and in vivo remodeling.

Selected publications: