Research Projects


Here you can find more information about our projects. Due to the large number of projects, we have initially listed a few lighthouse projects here. We will continue to complete and update this list so that we can present our current projects to you.

If you have any questions about our projects or if you are interested in project cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Ongoing projects

Project Funder Project number Funded since
KFO 344: Targeting the bone marrow inflammatory niche in myelofibrosis with nanomedicine therapeutics



Digital analog-SiPMs for sub-100 ps TOF-PET applications DFG 500540345 2022

TexValveMonitoring - Multimodal longitudinal imaging of biohybrid heart valves

DFG 403039938 2018
KFO 5011:

Molecular imaging of tissue remodeling in CKD

DFG 445703531 2021
KFO 5011:Understanding and monitoring renal microvascular remodeling in CKD by super-resolution ultrasound.

DFG 445703531 2021

Penetration-promoting polymeric micelles for the treatment of fibrotic cancers

DFG 444727588 2020

Multi-Frequency Magnetic Particle Imaging

DFG 441892463 2020
FOR 2591 - Severity assessment in animal-based research -

Imaging of tissue damage and pain to assess animal burden

DFG 321137804 2017
SFB 1382 -Non-invasive imaging of gut, liver and their communication

DFG 403224013 2019
GRK 2375 - Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery DFG 331065168 2018
CLIMBING CROHN - CLinical translation of Integrin-targeted MicroBubbles for molecular ultrasound ImagiNG in CROHN's disease BMBF 01EK2201A 2022
PSAir BMWi - AIF KK5245301SA1 2021
HD-MetaPET BMBF - VDI 13GW0621B 2022
AntiPExP BMWK - AIF KK5006905AP1 2022
AV-PCS BMWi - AIF KK5006904RU1 2021
Meta-Targeting ERC 864121 2020
BeaT-IT ERC 101040996 2022
SFB 1066:

Multimodal and multiscale in vivo imaging of nanodrug body distribution and efficacy of immunomodulatory therapies.

DFG 213555243 2013
PP-TNBC - Polymeric Paclitaxel-loaded micelles for the treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer BMBF 16GW0319K 2021

Artificial intelligence in diagnostics: ethical, professional and social aspects

BMBF 01GP1910B 2020

Completed Projects

Project Funder Project number Completed in year

Development of Motion-Model Ultrasound Localization Microscopy to Support Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Monitoring in Patients

DFG 233312120 2023
AVSchutz BMWi - AIF KK5006902SK0 2021
ConClean BMWi - AIF KK5006901CJ0 2020
HYPMED EU H2020 667211 2022
NSC4DIPG - NanoSonoChemotherapy for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas EU H2020 2022

Development of an improved immunotherapy with few side effects based on tumor-targeted and activatable immune response triggering.

EFRE EFRE-0801765 2022