Vanessa Nadig is awarded the IEEE Glenn F. Knoll Graduate Educational Grant 2023


The IEEE Glenn F. Knoll Graduate Educational Grant is awarded to outstanding graduate students in the field of nuclear science instrumentation, medical instrumentation, or instrumentation for security applications. The grant will be presented at this year's IEEE NSS MIC RTSD Conference in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, held from the 4th to 11th of November.

Vanessa Nadig is currently pursuing her PhD in the field of medical imaging at the Department of Physics of Molecular Imaging Systems (PMI). Her research enthusiasm focuses on advanced fast-timing detector technologies in positron emission tomography with the goal to upscale emerging readout techniques to system level. Working on this challenging task, she envisions to promote their applicability as future standard measures in early stage detection of life-threatening diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Vanessa is leading the project ProtoTOF funded by the Faculty of Medicine at RWTH Aachen University together with Stefan Gundacker.

IEEE Glenn F. Knoll Graduate Educational Grant