Basic Research for Precision Medicine


ExMI investigates the pathophysiological mechanisms of carcinogenesis, organ fibrosis and inflammation to identify diagnostic biomarkers and develop novel therapeutic strategies. We have a strong focus on exploring the influence of the tumor microenvironment on tumor progression and metastasis as well as on identifying and overcoming barriers that impair drug delivery. Using pharmacological and physical approaches, we are priming the tumor microenvironment to enhance the accumulation of anti-cancer drugs in tumors and metastases and to improve therapeutic efficacy. Besides our research activities in oncology, we collaborate with basic biomedical researchers and clinicians at UKA on topics related to organ fibrosis, inflammation and the inter-organ crosstalk between the gut and the liver, by providing molecular imaging strategies and tools to characterize specific pathophysiological mechanisms. Furthermore, we investigate the influence of noninvasive imaging modalities such as MRI, ultrasound, CT and optical imaging on animal welfare and the impact of imaging on study results.

Thus, ExMI addresses important basic research topics related to the impact of imaging methods on the organism, to the discovery of imaging biomarkers of diseases and the development of individualized and improved therapies.

Selected publications: