Nanomedicine and Theranostics


Nanomedicine refers to the application of nanotechnology in medicine. This entails the development of nanoparticle-based probes for in vivo and ex vivo biomarker detection ( Molto Palleres ), as well as the use of liposomal, polymeric and micellar nanocarriers to improve drug delivery to pathological sites ( Shi, Metselaar ). An important focus of our work is on the combination of drug targeting and imaging, which assist in improving our understanding of fundamental aspects of the drug delivery process, and which at the same time helps to make progress towards patient stratification in cancer nanomedicine. We also focus on nanomedicine materials and theranostic concepts to target immune cells and promote nano-immunotherapy outcomes ( Shi, Sofias ). Last but not least, we interact intimately and cooperate extensively with small and large pharmaceutical companies within and outside of Germany, in order to promote the clinical translation of nanomedicinal drug products.

Selected publications: