Prof. Kiessling as a guest on the Signals for Life Podcast


The podcast "Signals for Life" of the VDE DGBMT has Prof. Kiessling and Prof. Schmitz (RUB) as guests in episode 15. In it, they talk vividly about molecular ultrasound and the story behind it.


You can listen to the podcast (in German) here.

Shownotes, translated from German:

We are all familiar with ultrasound. Therefore, it may come as a surprise that research in this field seems to be rather less present in Germany than in the surrounding European countries. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Schmitz and Prof. Dr. med. Fabian Kießling, on the other hand, have found their passion precisely in this field. After they found each other more than 20 years ago and first specialized in molecular imaging, a completely new and revolutionary method was discovered more by chance during their research work: Superresolution Ultrasound. And although a team from France developed a very similar method at almost the same time, Prof. Schmitz and Prof. Kießling can claim a unique result. What's behind it all and how much potential new findings bring with them is explained by our experts in episode 15.